ROBINSON, William. Bencoolen (?) 4.9.1819? — Assam 27.8.1863. British Baptist Missionary in India. Son of Rev. William R. (Olney, Buckinghamshire 18.1.1784 — Dacca 2.9.1853), a shoemaker turned into missionary and working in Indonesia and Bengal, and Margaret Gordon (d. 1822). Inspector of Government schools in Assam. Claimed that Assamese is just a form of Bengali. Married Emma Luoisa Reily, two daughters and one son. The year 1819 given with ? by wikitree seems too late, he was hardly so young when the books appeared in 1839 and 1841. His parents were married in 1806, which gives the upper time limit.

Publications: Grammar of the Assamese Language. 2+78 p. Serampore 1839.

– A Descriptive Account of Assam: With a Sketch of the Local Geography, and a History of the Tea-plant of Assam. 15+421 p. 1841.

– “Languages spoken  by the various tribes inhabiting the Valley of Assam and its mountain confines”, JASB 18:1, 1849, 183-310; “Dophlás and the peculiarities of their  Language”, JASB 20, 1852, 126-137 (Dafla); “Notes on the Languages spoken by the Mi-Shmis”, JASB 24, 1856, 307-324.

– Memoirs of the Rev. W. Robinson, Baptist Missionary. Ed. by John Robinson. 3+250 p. Benares 1858 (this is clearly by father, the editor is his elder son).

Sources:; contains an account of the father.

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