FORSTER, Henry Pitts

FORSTER, Henry Pitts. 1766? — 10.9.1815. British Civil Servant in India and a Pioneer of Indology. In 1783 joined the Bengal Service, from 1793 Collector of Tipperah, from 1794 Registrar of the Sadr Diwani Adalat of 24 Parganas. From 1803 in Calcutta Mint, finally its director. Died in India.

HPF criticized the use of Persian as official language and was one of the first pioneers of Bengali studies. He prepared the first Bengali dictionary and did much to improve the status of Bengali in British India. His Sanskrit grammar was founded on Vopadeva.

Publications: Vocabulary, English–Bengalee and Bengalee–English. 1-2. Calcutta 1799-1802.

An Essay on the Principles of Sanskrit Grammar. 1. 22+691 p. Calcutta 1810.

Sources: D.N.B. 20, 1889; Buckland, Dictionary; Wikipedia.


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