FORSTER, George. 17?? — Nagpur 1792. British Civil Servant and Traveller in India. Served in Madras. In 1782 he travelled from India through Kashmir, Afghanistan, Herat, Persia, by the Caspian Sea to Russia and by ship from St.Petersburg to London. He was the first British to use this route and wrote a well-known account of this travel. Returned to India, he died on an embassy to the Marathas.

Publications: Sketches of the Mythology and Customs of the Hindus. 8+84 p. L. 1785.

A Journey from Bengal to England, through the Northern Part of India, Kashmir, Afghanistan, and Persia, and into Russia by the Caspian Sea. 1-2. L. 1798 (vol. 1 first Calcutta 1790), French transl. X [1802].

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