FORREST, George W.

FORREST, George William. Nusserabad (Nasirabad), Rajasthan 8.1.1846 — Oxford 28.1.1926. Sir. British Civil Servant in India, Historian of the Colonial Period. Son of Captain George F. (1800–1859) of Indian army and Ann Edwards, younger brother of —> R.E.F. Educated privately and at St. John’s College, Cambridge (B.A. 1870). Studied law (Inner Temple 1872). “Appointed to Bombay Educational Department, 1872. Census Commissioner at Bombay, 1882; on special duty in connexion with Bombay Records, 1884-8. Professor of English History, Elphinstone College, 1887. Director of Bombay Records, 1888. Assistant Secretary to the Government of India; Director of Government of Indian Records, 1894-1900.” Retired in 1900. C.I.E. 1899. Married Emma Viner, one son, one daughter.

Publications: Wrote articles on “The Deforestation of India” in Bombay Gazette; articles on history.

The Administration of Warren Hastings, 1772–1785. 7+317+36 P. Calcutta 1892.

The Administration of the Marquis of Lansdowne as Viceroy and Governor-General of India, 1888–1894. 5+72 p. Calcutta 1894.

Sepoy Generals: Wellington to Roberts. 478 p. Edinburgh 1901; History of the Indian Mutiny. 1-3. Edinburgh 1904-12.

Cities of India: Past and present. 16+356 p. Westminster 1903.

Life of Field-Marshal Sir Neville Chamberlain. 21+512 p. Edinburgh 1909; The life of Lord Roberts. 8+379 p. L. 1914; The Life of Lord Clive. 23+472 p. L. 1918.

Edited: Selections from the travels and journals preserved in the Bombay secretariat. 28+304+29 p. Bombay 1906; The State-Papers of the Governors-General of India – Cornwallis. 1-2. L. 1926; other edited archival works.

Sources: Who Was Who 1916-28; Buckland, Dictionary; IHQ 2, 1926, 440; *C.S. Srinivasachari, JIH 5, 192, 116f.; Wikipedia.

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