FORREST, George William

FORREST, George William. Nusserabad 8.1.1846 — 28.1.1921 (or 1926?). Sir. British Historian of the Colonial Period. Son of Captain George F., educated privately and at St. John’s College, Cambridge. Studied law. “Appointed to Bombay Educational Department, 1872. Census Commissioner at Bombay, 1882; on special duty in connexion with Bombay Records, 1884-8. Professor of English History, Elphinstone College, 1887. Director of Bombay Records, 1888. Assistant Secretary to the Government of India; Director of Government of Indian Records, 1894-1900.” Retired in 1900. C.I.E. 1899. Married with Emma Viner, one son, one daughter.

Publications: wrote articles on “The Deforestation of India” in Bombay Gazette.

The Administration of Warren Hastings, 1772–1785. Calcutta 1892; The Administration of Lord Lansdowne. 1???.

Sepoy Generals: Wellington to Roberts. 1???; History of the Indian Mutiny. 1-3. 1857-58.

Cities of India: Past and present. 16+356 p. Westminster 1903.

ed. The State-Papers of the Governors-General of India – Cornwallis. 1-2. L. 1926; and other edited archival works.

Sources: Who Was Who 1916-28; Buckland, Dictionary; IHQ 2, 1926, 440.


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