ALEKSANDROV, F. G. 18?? — 19??. Russian (Ukrainian?) Indologist or IE Scholar? He worked at Odessa University, but in 1922 was exiled as a member of KD Party and disappears.

Publications: In Russian: “K skloneniju indoevropejskih osnov na -e/o v sanskritskom narečii drevneindijskogo”, Učenye zapiski vysšej školy g. Odessy 2 (B. M. Ljapunov Volume), 1922, 108-113, summary “Zur Deklination der o-Stämme im Sanskrit”, Idg. Jb. 11, 1926, 138, Nr. 48a.

Sources: Nothing found in printed and Internet sources. The scanty information was given by A. Vigasin, who also mentions the silence of Russian emigrant press about him.

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