FRAENKEL, Ernst Eduard Samuel

FRAENKEL, Ernst Eduard Samuel. Berlin 16.10.1881 — Hamburg 2.10.1957. German IE, Greek, and Balto-Slavic Linguist. Son of Albert Fr. (1848–1916), a specialist of internal medicine in Berlin. Studies at Bonn, Leipzig and Berlin. Ph.D. 1905. PD 1909 Kiel, remained there, from 1916 ao. and 1920 ord. Professor, in 1936 forced to retire because of his Jewish background (although himself Lutheran) and moved to Hamburg. From 1945 Lecturer (Lehrstuhlvertretung) at Hamburg, retired 1953.

Publications: diss. on Greek denominativa. 1905; Geschichte der griechischen Nomina agentis auf -ter -tor -tes (-t). 1-2, Straßburg 1910-20 (1. hab.diss.).

Die baltischen Sprachen. 1950, other works on Lithuanian.

articles in KZ, etc.

Sources: *B. Schlerath, Dict. Gramm. 1996, 307; D.B.E. 3, 1996; D.G.K. 8th ed. 1954; Wikipedia (German better).


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