SANDEGREN, Johannes  Teodor Hjalmar. Madurai 20.11.1883 — Uppsala 15.11.1962. Swedish Missionary in South India. Son of Carl Jacob S., a missionary in South India (since 1869), and Theodore Kremmer, daughter of a German missionary. In 1894 sent to Sweden for education, matriculated from Uppsala 1901. In 1906 Cand.theol. Uppsala and ordained priest in Västerås, left for India in 1907. On a study leave in Sweden obtained Lic.phil. degree in Sanskrit 1915.  Then worked in Madurai. In 1934-56 Lutheran Bishop of Tranquebar, then retired. Hon. Dr.theol. 1932 Rostock. Married 1913 Ingrid Vilhelmina Ahlstrand. Two of his brothers were also missionaries in India.

Publications: Om Sydindiens rövarekaster och deras religiösa värld. 8+264 p. Stockholm 1924 (including a Swedish translation of the Tirumurukārruppaṭai), also announced as Devarkasterna i Sydindien: nagra anteckningar om de Tamiltalande Dravidernas religion. 12+259 p. St. 1923.

– Bland tjuvpojkar och hederliga rövare. 56 p. Från Svenska Kyrkans Missionsfält 53. Stockholm 1934.

– The suffering God: addresses delivered at the Kodaikanal Missionary Convention, May 1943. 53 p. Madras 1944.

– From Tranquebar to Serampore. 21 p. 1 pl. William Carey Lecture 1955. Serampore n.d.; other short writings; religious writings in Tamil.

Sources: *J.R. Asirvadam, J.S., the Third Bishop of Tranquebar. Madras 1962; *S. Estborn, J.S. och hans insats i Indiens kristenhet. Studia Missionalia Upsaliensia 10. Uppsala 1968; G.W., Svenska män och kvinnor 6, 500f. with photo;; Swedish Wikipedia.

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