FRAZER, Robert Watson

FRAZER, Robert Watson. 1854 — 30.11.1921. Irish Indologist and Dravidian Scholar in British Service in India. Lecturer in London. Educated at Rathmines School and Trinity College in Dublin (under Atkinson). LL.B. In 1877-86 served in India, Madras Civil Service. In 1886 retired, “invalided in consequence of fever contracted in the Rumpa rebellion”. In 1885-1916 Lecturer of Telugu and Tamil at University College in London, then in 1917-19 same at S.O.A.S. Knew well Sanskrit and several Dravidian languages, especially Tamil and Telugu.

Publications: Silent Gods and Sun-steeped Lands. Social life of the Telugu. 2nd ed. 222 p. 5 pl. L. 1896 (including a free version of the Ṛtusaṁhāra).

British India. The Story of the Nations. 17+399 p. L. 1896; Story of India. 1897 (same?); Text-book of Indian History. 1907.

Literary History of India. 470 p. L. 1898.

Indian Thought, Past and Present. 339 p. L. 1915.

articles in the E.R.E.: “Dravidians”, 5, 21ff.; “Saivism”, 11, 91ff.

Sources: F.W.T[homas], JRAS 1922, 146f.; Who Was Who 1916-1928; Buckland, Dictionary.


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