FREI, Henri

FREI, Henri. Baar (ZG) 5.6.1899 — 14.11.1980. Swiss Linguist. Professor in Genève. Son of an industrialist. Studies of linguistics at Genève and Paris (É.L.O.V.) until 1926 (including New Indo-Aryan and Japanese). Ph.D. 1929 Genève (under Bally). In 1933-34 Professor at National University in Peking, then at Maison Franco-japonaise until 1938 and 1938-40 in Hongkong. In 1940-69 Professor of comparative linguistics and Sanskrit at Genève University (ord. 1945), in 1945-69 also of general lin­guistics. Married.

Publications: diss. La grammaire des fautes. Introduction à la linguistique fonctionnelle. P. & Genève 1929; Interrogatif et indéfini. 16 p. P. 1940, and other works on linguistics.

articles discussing Vedic words, e.g. in Cahiers F. de Saussure 16, 1958-59, 1-22 (utpā-); 19, 1962, 87-91 (upāyyàm, udāyyam, udīpa); 20, 1963, 55-62 (kū´lam); Fs. Al. Gaur, Bucharest 1960, 475-479 (anūpá).

– “Véda et Cachmire”, Cahiers F. de Saussure 17, 1960, 47-??.

Sources: Th. St. Gerber in Web HistLexSchweiz; *G. Redard, Cahiers F. de Saussure 34, 1980, 144-177; Schweizer Lexikon 91 2, 1992: *Mélanges de linguistique offerts à H.F. Cahiers F. de Saussure 25-26, 1969, with bibliography; Wikipedia (more in German version).

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