FRY, Morton Allan Harrison

FRY, Morton Allan Harrison. London 13.2.1910 — ????. U.S. Indologist. Son of Morton Harrison Fry (1888–1971), a banker, and Julia Gladys Angell. Studies in the U.S.A., at Princeton (A.B. 1932, A.M. 1933, Ph.D. 1935). In 1935-37 in Basel. After a while as Instructor in Sanskrit and Comparative Philology (and chairman of Department) at Catholic University in Garrett Park (Md.) he became Assistant Professor in 1941. Nothing known after 1943.

Publications: diss. The Suffixes man, van, min, and vin in Sanskrit. MS. 1935.

– “A Phonemic Interpretation of Visarga”, Language 1941, ??-??.

Sources: Dir. Am. Sch. 1st ed. 1942. Not mentioned in subsequent editions, but also not in the obituary list of the 2nd edition. Father in Who Was Who in America 5. Number of hits on study time, but nothing else in Google.


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