FRYER, George Edward

FRYER, George Edward. India 25.11.1832 — Kensington, London 1891. British Colonial Officer and Pāli Scholar in India and Burma. Son of colonel George Fryer, of Madras army. School at Rugby, in the age of 20 joined Indian army, and Sarah Moore. Served 8 years in regiment and, after a brief time in Police Department of Canara, in Department of Public Works in Arcot. In 1864 he was sent to Burma, first as police officer, then as captain in British Burma Commission. Retired as colonel and returned to England. Knew well Hindūstānī, Burmese and Pāli. Married 1857 Georgina Katherine Phelan, two sons (both officers in India) and two daughters.

Publications: “A few Words concerning the Hill People inhabiting the Forests of the Cochin State”, JRAS N.S. 3, 1868, 478-482.

– Edited: “Sangharakkhita Thera, Subodhalankara or ‘Easy rhetoric’. Analysis and Pali text”, JASB 44:1, 1875, 91-125 (and sep. as Pali Studies. 1.); “Sangharakkhita Thera, Vuttodaya, ‘Exposition of Metre’, ed. & tr. with notes”, JASB 46:1, 1877, 369-410 (and sep. as Pali Studies. 2. 44 p.).

– “Letter on the Tradition as to Pāli being the Original Language”, Proc. ASB 1879, 155f.; on two Buddhist inscriptions from Sandoway, Arakan, Proc. ASB 1879, 201f.; “Note on the Pāli Grammarian Kaccāyana”, Proc. ASB 1882, 116-124.

Several brief articles on Burmese nature, ethnography, and numismatics, and a handbook of British Burma (1866).

Sources: R.D. Ardagh, JRAS 1891, 698-700;

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