GAÁL, László

GAÁL, László. Karcag 22.1.1891 — Karcag 13.6.1964. Hungarian Classical and Iranian Scholar. Professor in Debrecen. Studies of classical and Oriental languages at Kolozsvár University (undes Gy. Németh and J. Csengeri), Ph.D. there 1911(?). Now he was mainly a classical philologist and taught at secondary school in Nagy Kőrös. In the 1920s studies of Indology and Iranian at Göttingen under Sieg, R. Fick and Andreas. As a schoolteacher retired in 1948. In 1948-58 taught IE linguistics at Loránd Eötvös University in Budapest, from 1957 Professor of Classical Philology at Lajos Kossuth University in Debrecen.

Publications: diss. Bacchylides hang és alaktana. Publ. 1913 (Phonetics and Moprology of B.).

Latin kiejtés. 19?? (Latin pronunciation); textbooks of Latin; Hungarian translations of Horace and Ovid (Fasti. 1954; Amores. 1961).

– “Zur Frage des awestischen und uriranischen o”, K. Csoma Arch. 1, 1925, 389-403; “Die siebenundvierzigste Yasna des Awesta”, Ibid. 2, 1926-32, 116-124; “Über eine Stelle der zoroastrischen Gathas (Yasna XXX, 7)”, ZII 7, 1929, 232-250; “La formule Ahuna Vairya de l’Avesta”, AOHu 1, 1950-51, 80-92; “Zur Interpretation der awestischen Gathas”, AOHu 2, 1952, 173-181.

– “A tokhár nép és nyelve”, K. Csoma Arch. 2, 1926-32, 244-267 (The Tocharians and their language).

Sources: E. Apor, AOHu 18, 1965, 381f.


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