SKRINE, Clarmont Percival

SKRINE, Clarmont Percival. London 28.2.1888 — 1974. British Civil Servant and Diplomat in India. Sir. Son of —> F. H. B. Skrine and Helen Lucy Stewart. Studies at Oxford. Joined I.C.S. in 1912. In 1916-19 British Vice-Consul in Kerman, Persia, in 1922-24 Consul-General in Kashgar, in 1926-29 Consul in Seistan. In the 1930s in various positions in Madras States. In 1942-45 Consul General in Masshad, Persia, 1946-48 Counsellor for Indian Affairs in Teheran. Then retired. Married 1923 Doris Forbes Whitelaw.

Publications: Chinese Central Asia. 16+306 p. L. 1926.

– With P. Nightingale: Macartney at Kashgar: new light on British, Chinese and Russian activities in Sinkiang, 1890-1918. 282 p. L. 1973.

– Also wrote on Iran; articles.

Sources: *J. Stewart, Envoy Of The Raj: Career Of Sir C.P.S. 1989; Wikipedia.

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