GABELENTZ, Hans Georg Conon von der

GABELENTZ, Hans Georg Conon von der. Poschwitz bei Altenburg (Thüringen) 16.3. 1840 — Berlin 11.12.1893. German Sinologist. Son of —> H. C. v. d. G. After law studies at Halle (also lin­guistics under Pott) he worked as an assistant judge in Dresden, but became in 1878 ao. Professor für ostasiatische Sprachen at Leipzig, being the very first Professor of East Asian languages in Germany. From 1882 ord. honor. Professor. In 1889 he moved to Berlin, where his official title was Professor für vergleichende Sprachwissenschaft. From 1889 member of Prussian A.W. Married for the first time 1872 Alexandra von Rotkirch (1854–1925), divorced, two sons, for the second time 1891 Gertrud von Adelebsen (née von Oldershausen, 1858–1904), one son.

GvdG was a many-sided philologist, especially interested in Chinese, Japanese, Manchu and Malay. He wrote the first Chinese grammar freed from the Latin pattern.

Publications: King Ping Mei. Traduit du Mandchou. 1879; and much more.

Chinesische Grammatik. 1881.

– “Einiges über die Sprachen der Nicobaren-Inseln”, BVSGW 37, 1885, 296-307.

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