SMITHER, James George

SMITHER, James George. 1833 — Camberwell, London 1910. British (Irish) Architect in Sri Lanka. Worked as architect in London and in 1865-83 as the first Government Architect of Ceylon, then retired to England. In 1899 he finally retired from architectural practice.

As architect his work included the National Museum of Colombo, Colombo General Hospital and the old Colombo Town Hall and important buildings in Jaffna and Galle. In 1873-75 he made a complete structural survey of Anurādhapura.

Publications: Architectural Remains, Anurádhapura, Ceylon: Comprising the Dágabas and Certain Other Ancient Ruined Structures. 64 p. 67 pl. L. 1894.

– Articles, e.g. “Sculptures at Horana”, JRAS-CB 7:23, 1881, 9-11.

Sources: Wikipedia; stray notes in Internet.

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