SMYTH, George Monro Carmichael (Carmichael-Smyth)

SMYTH, George Monro Carmichael (Carmichael-Smyth). 18.9.1803 — 29.4.1890. British Colonial Officer in India. Son of James Carmichael Smyth (1742-1821) and Mary Holyland (d. 1806). Arrived at India in 1819/20. Rised to Major of Bengal Light Cavalry, in 1857 Colonel and Commandant of 3rd Light Cavalry in Lahore. Finally Major General. Married Jane Ross, three sons.

Publications: A History of the Reigning Family of Lahore with some account of the Jummoo Rajahs, the Seik soldiers and their Sirdars. Ed. by Carmichael Smyth. 263+40 p. Calcutta 1847 (reprinted as Secret History of the Khalsa Durbar).

Sources: Surprisingly difficult, stray notes on career, birth year in, death in

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