SNELLING, John. 1943 — London 28.2.1992. British Bauddha. In the 1980s General Secretary of the Buddhist Society, author of several books, a broadcaster and the Editor of the Middle Way. Suffered long of leukaemia. Twice married.

Publications: The Sacred Mountain: Travellers and pilgrims at Mount Kailas in Western Tibet. 11+241 p. 32 pl. L. 1983; The Buddhist handbook. A complete guide to Buddhist teaching, practice, history and schools. 373 p. L. 1987.

Buddhism. 48 p. 1986; Buddhist festivals. 48 p. 1987; The Elements of Buddhism. 144 p. L. 1990.

Buddhism in Russia. The Story of Agvan Dorzhiev, Lhasa’s Emissary to the Tsar. 16+230 p. Shaftesbury, Dorset, etc. 1993.

Editor of The Middle Way.

Sources: Preface of his 1993 book; and other notes in Internet.

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