GAMPERT, Vilem (Wilhelm)

GAMPERT, Vilem (Wilhelm). Prague 29.6.1902 — Praha 14.3.1987. Czechoslovakian Indologist. Studied Indology at German University of Prague under Winternitz and O. Stein. Ph.D. there 1927/28. From 1929 worked in university library, in 1939-45 in German army. In 1945-78 he was a scientific worker at Oriental Institute of the Charles University and at Academy of Sciences in Prague (mainky cataloguing books).

Publications: diss. 1927/28 publ. as Sühnezeremonien in der altindischen Rechtsliteratur. 289 p. Monografie Archivu Orientálniho 6. Prag 1939.

review of Losch, Die Yājñavalkya-Smrti, Indol. Pragensia 1, 1929, 87-97.

– “Zur Problematik des Alters des Ṛgveda”, ArO 20, 1952, 572-583.

Sources: *J. Marek, NO 42, 1987, 183; D.G.K. 1954 (in later editions mentioned, but without any further information); no further works in Ges.Vz.


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