GARIBAY KINTANA, Angel María. Toluca, México 18.6.1892 — Ciudad de México 19.10.1967. Mexican Linguist (Nahuatl Scholar) also interested in Sanskrit. Educated in Santa Fe and Ciudad de México. Librarian and student at Seminario Concilias de México, ordained as priest in 1917. Worked as a minister in Jilotepec, México, learned there the local Indian language. From 1919 teacher at his seminary. In 1924-41 missionary parson in San Martín de las Pirámides, Huixquilucan, Tenancingo, and Otumba. From 1941 canónigo lectoral de la basilica de Guadelupe, from 1952 eo. Professor at Facultad de Filosofía y Letras in Ciudad de México, from 1956 director of Seminario de Cultura Náhuatl.

The question is, whether he actually worked on Sanskrit, too. There seems to be the possibility that someone mistook the “Indiologist” as “Indologist”. However, it seems that the entirely fanciful idea of a possible connection between Sanskrit and Nahuatl has long fascinated Mexican scholars. Perhaps it began with him.

Publications: Much on Amerindian languages, especially on Nahuatl, text editions, history of Mexico, etc., e.g. Poesia lirica azteca. México 1937; Historia de la litératura nahuatl. 1. México 1953; also wrote on ancient Greece.

Sources: Enciclopedia de Mexico 6; Wikipedia with bust (more details and references in Spanish version).

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