GARNIER-MOEWES, Katharine von (née Moewes)

GARNIER-MOEWES, Katharine von (née Moewes). Berlin 28.4.1863 — Bad Kösen a. d. Saale 23.11. 1936. German Student of Indology. Daughter of Carl Moewes, an estate owner, and Luise Neuber. Married in 1882 (Falkenau 2.8.) with Maximilian von Garnier (1844–1882), a lawyer and politician, had a son, Rudolf von G. (1883–1934). As a widow she learnt classical languages when educating her son, then studied IE linguistics at Leipzig. Ph.D. there 1906. Remarried in 1916 with the priest and author Paul Kaiser (d. 1917), soon again widow.

Publications: diss. Die Präposition als sinnverstärkendes Präfix im Rigveda, in den homerischen Gedichten und in den Lustspielen des Plautus und Terenz. 7+64 p. Lp. 1906.

Sources: Goth. Geneal. Taschenbuch. Briefadl. Häuser. 1940; Geneal. Hanbuch des Adels. B 7, 1965; first husband in German Wikipedia.


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