GARRETT, Herbert Leonard Offley

GARRETT, Herbert Leonard Offley. 16.6.1881 — 6.12.1941. British Historian of India. Professor of History and Principal of the Government College in Lahore. Last years in Cambridge, in university administration. Married with Sybil Beverly Young, two children.

Publications: ed. J. D. Cunningham’s A History of the Sikhs from the origin of the nation to the battles of the Sutlej. L. 1918, repr. 49+402 p. Delhi 1990.

The Mohammadan period of Indian History. 19??.

The trial of Muhammad Bahadur Shah, ex. king of Delhi. 282 p. 19??.

A First History of India. Bombay 1916.

A history of Government College, Lahore, 1864-1914. [Lahore 1914]

with S.M. Edwardes: Mughal Rule in India. 8+374 p. L. 1930.

transl. Jacquemont’s The Punjab a hundred years ago. 19??.

Sources: stray notes on books, wife in myheritage.


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