GARRETT, John. 18?? — 1893. British Methodist Missionary and Clergyman in India. Came to India in 1839, became the first Direktor of Central High School in Bangalore. In 1858 retired from Mission, in 1868 returned to India. Director of Public Instruction in Mysore (1871 there). Married 1842 Sophia Austin, —> B. L. Rice was their son-in-law.

Publications: The Bhagavad-Gita, or dialogues of Krishna and Arjun, in Sanscrit, Canara and English. 16+147 p. Bangalore 1848 (Schlegel’s text, own Ḱannada, Wilkins’ English).

ed. Pañcatantra. 18??; Kathāmañjarī, or Bunch of Stories. 2nd ed. 12+168 p. Bangalore 18??; Śabdamaṇidarpaṇa. 18??.

A Classical Dictionary of India, illustrative of the mythology, philosophy, literature, antiquities, arts, manners, customs etc. of the Hindus. 805+160 p. Madras 1871-73, and many edd.

Sources: Indologica Digitalisate; The Hindu 28.11.2013.


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