STEPHENS, Celeus Leon

STEPHENS, Celeus Leon. Westminster 11.1.1847 — Bogn, Bengal 21.12.1919. Rev. British Calvinist Missionary in India. Son of George St. and Mary Franklin Arnold, grew up in Carmarthen. Ordained priest 1870. Member of the Welsh Calvinistic Methodists’ Foreign Mission in Assam (now Meghalaya), arrived there with his wife in 1880. Worked in Shella, from 1887 in Khadsawphra. Retired in 1903 because of health problems, but apparently remained in country. Still active with Khasi in 1907. Married Elizabeth Sarah Day, one son.

Publications: Khasi Primer. 15 p. Khadrawprah, Khasi hills 1895.

Sources: J.H. Morris, The History of the Welsh Calvinistic Methodists’ Foreign Mission. 1910, 317;; life dates and family in

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