GEDEN, Alfred S.

GEDEN, Alfred Shenington. Didsbury, Manchester 26.11.1857 — Bromley, London 3.8.1936. Rev. British Scholar of Religion. Son of John Dury G., D.D. of St.Andrews and Wesleyan minister, and Elizabeth Mease. Educated at Manchester Grammar School and Magdalen College, Oxford. In 1881 ordained Wesleyan minister. M.A.Oxford. D.D. Aberdeen. In 1886-89 Principal of Royapettah College in Madras. Professor of Old Testament Languages and Literature and of Comparative Religion at Wesleyan College in Richmond, Surrey, from before 1914. In retirement living in Harpenden, Hertfordshire. Married with Annie Mary Lewis, no children.

Publications: Studies in comparative religion. 15+312 p. L. 1898 (Near East, Islam, Iran); Studies in Eastern religions. 13+378 p. L. 1900 (Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism); Studies in the Religions of the East. 15+904 p. L. 1913.

Comparative Religion. 144 p. L. 1917.

Translated: Deussen, Philosophy of the Upanishads. 429 p. Edinburgh 1906.

Select passages illustrating Mithraism. 6+87 p. L. 1925.

Articles on Buddhism and India in the E.R.E.

Outlines of Introduction to the Hebrew Bible. 15+367 p. Edinburgh 1909, and other works.

Sources: Note in E.R.E. Index Vol. 1926; stray notes in Internet.

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