SWINEY, John. Edmonton, Middlesex 1783? — Cheltenham, Gloucestershire 24.12.1870. British Physician in India. Dr.med. In Indian Medical Service, served over 36 years (until 1838?), and then lived for 33 years more (possibly in New South Wales). Twice married (2nd time 1835 in Calcutta). In Karnal he achieved a large collection of coins.

Publications: “On the Explanation of Indo-Scythic Legends of the Bactrian Coins, through the medium of the Celtic”, JASB 6, 1837, 98-100 (p. 100f. note by Prinsep points out that Sanskrit is much better point of comparison than Celtic).

Sources: Hints from Internet, sifted from numerous hits of officer John Sw. (1832–1918), a possible relative (but son of George Sw.). He was born in Calcutta and also died in Cheltenham. His father was born in Tottenham, Middlesex. Rather our man is the elder J.S. of ancestry.com (the life dates given above belong to him), who had married in India. He was the son of John Swiney, a customs officer, and Mary Whittington and had 8 children. Finally, The Oriental Herald and Journal of General Literature 5, 1825, 150 confirms that our John and George were brothers.

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