TADDEI, Maurizio

TADDEI, Maurizio. Rome 3.3.1936 — Rome 5.2.2000. Italian Art Historian and Archaeologist of South Asia. Professor in Naples. Studies at La Sapienza in Rome, graduated 1961 (under Bussagli). In 1964-74 worked in Museo Nazionale d’Arte Orientale (Rome). From 1967 Professor incaricato of Indian Art and Archaeology at I.U.O.N. in Naples, from 1976 ord. Professor of Indian archaeology and art history. In 1981-84 Vice-Chancellor of the university. He also taught at IsMEO / IsIAO and was living in Rome.

Taddei was mainly an archaeologist, from the early 1960s member of IsMEO’s Italian Archaeological Mission to Pakistan, working in Swat. From 1967 Director Italian Archaeological Mission to Afghanistan, excavating at Tapa Sardar near Ghazni. He was active member of the European Association of South Asian Archaeology. A further interest was the history of Asian studies.

Publications: Numerous articles on Gandharan art, archaeology, and related subjects in AION, E&W, South Asian Arch., etc.

– The Ancient Civilization of India. L. 1970 (from Italian original, Archaeol. Mundi).

– India antica. 191 p. Milano 1972, English transl. India. London 1977.

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– Edited: Napoli e l’India. Atti del Convegno Napoli-Ercolano, 2-3 giugno 1988. A cura di A. Sorrentino e M. Taddei. 15+403 p. Ist. Univ. Orientale, Series Minor 34. Naples 1990; Angelo De Gubernatis. Europa e Oriente nell’Italia umbertina. 1-4. Napoli 1995-2001, with several own contributions, e.g.  “Angelo De Gubernatis, l’archeologia indiana ed il re Aśoka. Una polemica con Giacomo Lignana”, A. De Gub. 2. Naples 1997, 231-291.

Sources: G. De Marco (ed.), Per M.T. Interventi e testimonianze di amici e colleghi. Apophoreta 4. Naples 2004 with bibliography; *Gh. Gnoli, E&W 50, 2000; *G. Verardi, AION 60-61, 2000-01, 531-541 with bibliography, briefly also SAA 2001, vif. with photo; personal knowledge 1991/99; Italian Wikipedia.

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