GEMINIANUS A SANCTA OCTAVIA (wrongly Gemignanus a Sancto Octavio, Gemignano Da Sant’ Ottavio). Modena 1702? — on sea near Corfu, January 1763. Italian Carmelite Missionary in South India. Joined the Mahe Mission in 1733, in 1733-35 served in Verapoly, 1735-41 in again Mahe. Probably came to Europe in 1741, 1743 again in Verapoly. In 1748-52 Vicar General of the Bishop. In 1752 he came to Rome and returned to Verapoly in 1754. Died on voyage from Verapoly to Rome.

Publications: Rudimenta linguae Malabarico-Samoscardamicae. In Portuguese and Sanskrit. Manuscript 1742, also a manuscript dictionary of 151 p., Portuguese–Malayalam. Both manuscripts are kept in Vatican Library.

Sources: Thankappan Nair 1973, 129 & 137.

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