GENTIL, Jean Baptiste Joseph

GENTIL, Jean Baptiste Joseph. Bagnols 25.6.1726 — Bagnols 15.2.1799. French Officer in India. Born in a noble family, joined the army and went out to India in 1752 as officer in an infantry regiment. “Served with distinction under Dupleix, Law of Lauriston, Lally, etc. After the collapse of the French power in India and the surrender of Pondicherry to the English, G. served for a time under Mir Kasim, Nawab of Bengal, then under Shuja-ud-daula, Nawab of Oudh, who loaded him with honours. [He] was most generous in helping less fortunate fellow countrymen, and enrolled a body of them to serve under the Nawab. After the defeat of the Nawab at Baxar, G. helped to negotiate peace between him and the English. After Shuja-ud-daula’s death in 1775, G. was compelled by the English to leave, and in 1778 returned to France. Appointed Colonel of Infantry, was already Chevalier of St. Louis, 1771. Died in poverty, having lost his pension at the Revolution.” His collection of Persian MSS. is in the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris.

Publications: Memoires sur l’Indoustan. 1822.

Histoire des Radjahs de l’Hindoustan.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary.


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