ALPER, Harvey Paul

ALPER, Harvey Paul. 1945 — 4.4.1987. U.S. Indologist and Scholar of Comparative Religion. Studied at University of Pennsylvania, Ph.D. In 1974-87 he was Associate Professor of Religious Studies at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas, also taught  Sanskrit there. Died suddenly.

Publications: Diss. Abhinavagupta’s Concept of Cognitive Power: A Translation of the Jñānaśaktyahnika of the Īśvarapratyabhijnāvimarśinī with Commentary and Introduction. Manuscript UPa 1976.

Edited: Mantra. 343 p. N.Y. 1989; Understanding Mantras. 530 p. Albany 1989.

– A few articles and reviews, e.g. “Ṥiva and the ubiquity of consciousness: the spaciousness of an artful yogi”, JIPh 7, 1979, 345-407; “Svabhātam avabhāsasya vimarśam. Judgement as a transcendental category in Utpaladeva’s Saiva Theology”, ALB 51 (Rocher Vol.), 1987, 176-241.

Sources: Cover of Mantra. 1989; Internet references to his diss.

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