GETTY, Alice

GETTY, Alice. Muskegon, Mich. 1865 — New York 12.6.1946. U.S. Art Historian. Daughter of Henry H. Getty (1838–1920), a rich businessman (“lumber baron”), and Carrie Eliza G. (d. 1890). After his wife’s death the father retired from business and travelled widely with his daughter and made a collection of Asian art. She was long time living in Paris (1924/38), last five years in New York. Illustrations in her book on Buddhist gods are from the collection of her father. She is clearly one of the pioneers of the Western study of South Asian art. Also a composer.

Publications: The Gods of Northern Buddhism. Transl. from the French by J. Deniker. 196 p. Oxford 1914, 2nd ed. 52+220 p. 67 pl. Oxford 1928.

Ganeśa: a monograph of the elephant-faced God. 23+103 p. 40 pl. Oxford 1936.

– “Uga-jin: The Coiled-Serpent God with a Human Head”, Art. As. 8, 1940, 36-48 (in Japan); “Two Mesopotamian Seals from Uruk”, Art and Thought – in Honour of A. K. Coomaraswamy. L. 1947, 41-45.

Sources: *A. Priest, AAA 2, 1947, 3-5; Fl. Waterbury, Art. As. 9, 1946, 346-348; not in common biographical sources, few works in N.U.C.

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