GIRAUDEAU, Pierre-Philippe. Saint-Mars-de-Coutais (Loire-Intérieure) 17.3.1850 — Kangding (Dajianlu), Tibet 13.11.1941. French Catholic Missionary in Tibet. Served in Franco-German war, ordained priest 1876. In 1877 joined Missions étrangères and after seminary in Paris departed in 1878 to Eastern Tibet. Served in various stations and positions, from 1901 head of the mission. Monseigneur 1897.

Publications: Grammatica Latino–Tibetana. 338 p. Hongkong 1909.

Dictionarium Latino-Thibetanum ad usum alumnorum Missionis Thibeti. 16+696 p. Hongkong 1916.

with F. Goré, Dictionnaire français-tibétain. Tibet oriental. 310+24 p. P. 1956.

Sources: French Wikipédia;

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