GLEHN, ? de

GLEHN, ? de. 1??? — 1???. German Physician (?) interested in India. Dr. Lived in St.Petersburg and collaborated with —> R.Lenz. His seems to be a rare surname, mostly found in Baltia. Possibly he is Edmund Theophil von Glehn (Tallinn 3.1.1800 — Tallinn 20.1.1884), a physician and father of the cellist Alfred de Glehn (in Wikipedia).

Publications: wrote on the Suśruta in Fricke & Oppenheimer (edd.), Zeitschrift für die gesammte Medicin 7, Hamburg 1838, 1-15.

Sources: Ref. in Gildemeister n. 538; not in A.D.B., Dt. biogr. Archiv 1st & 2nd series, Poggendorf; no works in Ges.Verz.; not mentioned in the Deutschbalt. biogr. Lex.


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