GOETZ, Hermann

GOETZ, Hermann. Karlsruhe 17.7.1898 — Heidelberg 8.7.1976. German Art Historian, long time in India. Son of Herman G., director of Badische Landeskunst­schule. Studies of art history at München. Ph.D. 1923 München. In 1926-31 in Berlin, then 1931-36 at Kern Institute in Leiden. In 1936 to India, where he worked 1936-38 as newspaper correspondent. In 1939-40 he served in the A.S.I., but as a German was interned in 1940-43. In 1943-53 Director of Museum and Picture Gallery in Baroda, 1948/49/51-1952/53 (different accounts!) also Professor at Maharajo Satyaji Rao University. In 1953-55 Curator of National Gallery of Modern Art in New Delhi, in 1955-57 visited Europe. In 1958-61 Organizer in Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum in Baroda, then returned to Europe. He taught at Heidelberg University as Lehr­beauftragter für indische Kunstgeschichte in 1962-66, and from 1966 as Hon. Professor.

HG was a specialist of Indian art history, especially of miniature painting, who was also interested in cultural exchange between India and the West. During long years in India he fell somewhat behind with the development of scholarship in the West.

Publications: diss. Die Hoftrachten des Grossmoghul-Reiches. Ein Versuch ihrer Chronologie und Geschichte auf Grund der indischen Miniatures. Specimen in 1923, full MS. of 118 p. München 1928.

with E. Kühnel: Indische Buchmalereien aus dem Jahāngīr-Album der Staats­bibliothek zu Berlin. 11+63 p. 43 pl. Buchkunst des Orients 2. B. 1924 (& in English).

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Epochen der indischen Kultur. 12+602 p. Lp. 1929; Bilderatlas zur Kultur­geschichte Indiens in der Grossmoghul-Zeit. 7+79 p. 48 pl. B. 1930; The crisis of Indian civilization in the 18th and early 19th centuries. Calcutta 1938

Geschichte der indischen Miniaturmalerei. 3+57 p. 16 pl. B. & Lp. 1934.

Art and Architecture of Bikaner State. Oxford 1950.

Handbook of the Collections, Baroda Museum and Picture Gallery. 1952.

The early wooden temples of Chamba. 121 p. 16 pl. Mem. of Kern Inst. 1. Ld. 1955; Indian and Persian Miniatures in the Rijkspentenkabinet. 1958.

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Mira Bai. Her Life and Times. Bombay 1966.

a great number of articles, and three collective volumes:

Studies in the history and art of Kashmir and the Indian Himalaya. 197 p. 49 pl. Wb. 1969; Studies in the history, religion and art of classical and medieval India. 180 p. 31 pl. Schriftenr. des Südasien-Inst. der Univ. Heidelberg 16. Wb. 1974.

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