GOGERLY, Daniel John

GOGERLY, Daniel John. London 25.8.1792 — buried Colombo 6.9.1862. British Methodist Missionary in Ceylon. Son of Daniel and Elizabeth G. Worked as a printer, but soon joined Wesleyan Mission. Arrived Jaffna in October 1818. Ordained priest 1823. After Clough’s departure in 1822 he became the head of the Sinhalese Bible translation committee, and again in the 1850s, for a new revised version. In the 1830s doyen of the Wesleyan Mission. General Superintendent of the Wesleyan Mission in South Ceylon. Married 1817 Sarah Kenegan (d. 1821), 1822 Johanna Anna Susanna van Lynden (d. 1829, children), 1830 Eliza Jane Torriano (d.) and 18?? Anna Deborah Chater (née McCully, d. 1861). Beside Sinhalese, he mastered also Pāli (in order to refute Buddhism).

Publications: translated: Pātimokkha. 1839.

articles in JRAS-CB, e.g. “On Buddhism”, 1:1, 1845, 90-112 & 1:3, 1847-48, 111-148 (with transl. extracts from MSS.); translated: “The discourse respecting Raṭṭhapála”, 1:3, 1847-48, 84-98, and “First 10 tales of the Chariya Piṭaka”, 1:?, 1853, 1-11; “A lecture on Buddhism”, 1:14, 1867-70, 87-130; further papers on Buddhism in the Wesleyan Ceylon Friend.

Ceylon Buddhism, being the Collected Writings of Daniel John Gogerly. Edited by A. S. Bishop. Colombo 1908.

Sources: works in N.U.C.; gw.geneanet.org/hoffman?lang=en&p=daniel+john&n=gogerly (family details and biographical note); *E.J. Harris, “Manipulating Meaning: Daniel Gogerly’s Nineteenth Century Translations of the Theravada Texts”, Buddhist Studies Review  27, 2010.


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