GOLDZIHER, Ignász (Ignác, Ignaz G. Yitzhak Yehuda G.). Székesfehérvár 22.6.1850 — Budapest 13.11.1921. Hungarian Oriental (Hebrew and Arabic) Scholar. Professor in Budapest. Born in a Jewish family, son of Adolf G. Obtained both gymnasial and Talmudic education. From 1865 studies at Pest (Vámbéry), Berlin and Leipzig (Fleischer). Ph.D. 1870 Leipzig (diss. on a Jewish-Arabic Bible commentary), then manuscript studies in Leiden and Vienna. Teacher at a Jewish school in Budapest. From 1872 PD and from 1894 tit.ord. Professor at Budapest University. In 1873-74 travels in Syria, Palestine and Egypt. Hon. Dr. Cambridge and Aberdeen. A famous scholar of Arabic and Islam. Married 1878 Laura Mittler, two sons.

Publications: Beiträge zur Geschichte der Sprachgelehrsamkeit bei den Arabern. SWA 1871-73; Beiträge zur Literaturgeschichte der Shia. SWA 78, 1874, 439-524; Der Mythos bei den Hebräern. Lp. 1876; Mohammedanische Studien. Halle 1889-90 (also in English); Vorlesungen über den Islam. Heidelberg 1910 (also in English, French, etc.); and many other works, also wrote on Judaistic themes.

– “Islamisme et Parsisme”, RHR 43, 1901, 1-29; A Buddhismus hatása az Iszlámra. 44 p. Budapest 1903 (The influence of Buddhism upon Islam).

Tagebuch. Ed. Alexander Scheiber. Leiden 1978.

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