AMADUZZI, Giovanni Cristofano (Johannes Christophorus Amadutius)

AMADUZZI, Giovanni Cristofano (Johannes Christophorus Amadutius). Savignano di Romagna 18.8.1740 — Rome 21.1.1792. Italian Classical and Oriental Scholar. Educated at the Episcopal Seminary in Rimini. Joined the Minorite order. In 1762 he came to Rome, and began the study of Oriental languages. From 1769 Professor of Greek at Archiginnasio della Sapienza, Rome, and from January 1770 Director of the printing press of the Propaganda in Rome. He edited and wrote introductions to several volumes of Indian and other Asian “Alphabets”. Until 1771 he also taught Greek at the Collegio Urbano of Propaganda.

Publications: Edited: Alphabetum Veterum Etruscorum. 38 p. (Introd. 28 p.). R. 1771, 2nd ed. 1775; Alphabetum Brammhanicum seu indostanum universitatis Kasi. 20 (Introd.) + 152 p. R. 1771; Alphabetum Grandonico-Malabaricum seu samscrudonicum. 28 (Introd.) + 100 p. R. 1772; Alphabetum Tangutanum sive Tibetanum. 16 (Introd.) + 138 p. R. 1773; Alphabetum Barmanum seu Bomanum regni Avae. 45 (Introd.) + 51 p. R. 1776, 2nd ed. 1787; Alphabetum Persicum. 24 p. (Introd. 12 p.). R. 1783; Alphabetum Armenum. 32 p. (Introd. 10 p.). R. 1784.

Other works (classical philology, philosophy etc.) listed in the D.B.I.

Sources: A. Fabi, D.B.I. 1, 1960, 612-615; Wikipedia (with picture, more details in Italian version).

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