ÁLVAREZ, Simão. 16?? — 17??. Father. S.J. Portuguese Clergyman in India. He was Provincial in Goa (1639), and thus the work could possibly be posthumously published. But as Pereira calls him “Goan Brahmin” he was perhaps local convert named after the Jesuit. In the Vocabulario he was assisted by his father Lourenço A. and himself probably lived long after (some say still living in 1744).

Publications: Arte de Grammatica da lingoa Bracmana. Ilha de Chorão 1694 (on Konkani).

Pereira (629) mentions (referring to da Cunha Rivara) a Vocabulario de tres Linguas, Portugueza, Bracmana, e Castelhana. 1695, probably a manuscript.

Sources: Stray notes, José Pereira in the Introduction of his edition of Přikryl’s Principia linguae Brahmanicae in ArO 36, 1968, 625-684. The name is rather common, but when written with s (Álvares), Google only refers to a 16th century apothecary of the name.

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