GOŞBUC, George

GOŞBUC, George. Hordou 1866 — Bucharest 1918. Romanian Poet and Translator of Sanskrit literature. However, he never learnt Sanskrit, and his many translations were made from German versions. From Transylvania, son of a minister. After a while in Bucharest (?)in 1890 moved to a Carpathian village and wrote there much poetry idealizing the country life and nature.

Publications: translated from German: Anthologia sanscrită. Fragmente din Rig-Veda, Mahabharata, Ramayana, poezii lirice {i proverbii. Bucureşti/Craiova 1897, 2nd ed. 1907, 4th 1966 (4 hymns from the RV, epic selections, gnomic poetry; Calidassa, Sacontala. Poemǎ indianǎ. Bucur. 1897 (originally in Convorbiri literare 1890ff.).

own works of poetry, a translation of Dante’s Divina Comedia, Schiller’s Don Carlos, Virgil’s Aeneid, Byron’s Mazeppa, etc.

Sources: Bănăţeanu, Vi.-Bh. Quart. 27, 1961-62, 249f.; *S.E. Demetrian, “India’s Literature in G.G.’s poetry”, IAC 16, 1967, 141-154; Poghirc 1972, 495; *Th. Simenschy, “Anthologia sanscrită a lui Goşbuc”, Analele ştiinţifice ale Universităţii Iaşi 3:2:1, 1956, 66-140 (see Hauschild, OLZ 54, 1959, 521-523); *Th. Simenschy, “Drama Sacuntala a lui Kalidasa în traducerea lui Goşbuc”, Ibid. 3:13:1, 1967.

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