GOUGH, Archibald Edward

GOUGH, Archibald Edward. 2.3.1845 — 1915. British Teacher and Indologist in India. Son of Alexander Dick G. (architect in London), educated at Lincoln College and Oxford. M.A. Professor at Government College in Benares in 1868-77, then 1877-86 Professor of Philosophy at Presidency College and Principal of the Madrasa in Calcutta. From 1886 Principal and Professor of Philosophy at Allahabad, in 1887-94 Registrar of Allahabad University. In 1894 Off. Director of Public Instruction, North-Western Provinces, but invalided on furlough in 1894 and had to retire in 1895. In 1900-02 Hon. Public Examiner, Oxford Oriental School. He was one of the few early Western scholars of Indian philosophy. Married with Amelie Louisa Leupolt (1848–1883), one son.

Publications: A key to the exercises in Professor Williams’ [i.e. Monier W.] Sanskrit Manual. London 1868.

edited: Papers relating to the Collection and Preservation of the Records of Ancient Sanskrit Literature in India. Calcutta 1878.

transl. with E. B. Cowell: Mādhavācārya, Sarvadarśanasangraha or Review of the different systems of Hindu philosophy. 293 p. L. 1882; ed. & tr. with Govindadeva Sastri: Sadānanda, Vedāntasāra. Pandit 6-8, other editions and articles in the Pandit.

The philosophy of the Upanishads and ancient Indian metaphysics. 268 p. L. 1882 (originally articles in the Calcutta Review).

– “Vedanta”, Enc. Britannica.

Sources: The Indian Biogr. Dict. 1916 in Br. Biogr. Archiv 2nd Series.


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