WYNCH, Paul Marriot

WYNCH, Paul Marriot(t). 17?? — Hawkhurst, Kent 12.3.1841. British Civil Servant in India. Joined Bengal Civil Service in 1808. From 1818 Acting Register of Sudder dewany and Nizamut Adawlut at Fort William, then Magistrate of 24 Parganas. Judicial Deputy Secretary to Governor General Bentinck, Secretary 1828. Retired 1836. Married 1826 Sophia Martha Maling, at least one son.

Publications: Transl. The Daya-crama-sangraha, an original treatise on the Indu law of inheritance. 8+133+15 p. Calcutta 1818.

– Letters on the Compilation of a Judicial Code. 95 p. Calcutta 1832.

Sources: www.ebay.com/itm/1818-Juggye-Dulye-Paek-joined-Paik-Rebel-leader-Buxi-Jugbandu-Mohapatro-pardoned-/273811753625 and a few stray notes, death in Gentleman’s Magazine 15, 555.

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