GRASBERGER, Lorenz (Laurentius)

GRASBERGER, Lorenz (Laurentius). Grosshartpennig, Upper Bavaria 9.6.1830 — Würzburg 23.1.1903. German Classical Philologist interested in Sanskrit. Studies of classical philology at Munich. Ph.D. 1856 Munich (diss. on Lucretius). From 1856 worked as schoolteacher in Würzburg. PD 1860 Würzburg (hab.diss. on Elder Pliny). From 1864 ao., 1868 ord. Professor at Würzburg. He was a classical scholar and pedagogician, in Sanskrit apparently an autodidact, whose only work on the subject was deemed as completely useless (by Benfey). In 1866-70 taught Sanskrit at Würzburg. Married Johanna Häcker.

Publications: Classical philology and pedagogics, his main work being a history of ancient education in 3 vols. Also Studien zu den griechischen Ortsnamen. 395 p. Stahel 1888.

Noctes Indicae sive quaestiones in Nalum Mahâbhârateum. 11+274 p. Wirceburgi 1868 (see Benfey in GGA 1869, 941-952).

Sources: D.L.K. 1890, 1900, 1904; De Gubernatis, Dict. internationale des écrivains du jour 2, Florence 1890; Böhtlingk/Roth correspondence 650; stray notes in Internet.

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