GRAY, James

GRAY, James. 1849 — 1905. British Indologist (Pāli Scholar) in Burma. From 1872 teacher at Akyab school under H. D. Gray, possibly his father, , later on schoolmaster in Moulmein (1878). Then taught many years as Professor of Pāli at Rangoon High School. No further details found.

Publications: First lessons in Pali. 36 p. Rangoon 1878; Elements of Pāli Grammar. 6+126 p. Rangoon 1883; Elementary Pāli Grammar, or Second Pāli Course. Rangoon 1905; First Pāli Delectus or Companion Reader to the Pāli Course. 92 p. Rangoon 1905.

The Dhammapada. Transl. from Pāli. Rangoon 1881, 2nd ed. 45 p. Calcutta 1887.

Ancient Proverbs and Maxims from Burmese Sources: or, the Nîti Literature of Burma. 179 p. L. 1886 (translation of the Lokanīti, Dhammanīti, Rājanīti, and Sutta­vaḍḍhanīti); edited & transl. Dhammanīti. 165 p. Rangoon 1884.

Buddharakkhita: Jinālaṅkāra or “embellishment of Buddha”. Edited with introd., transl. and notes. 112 p. L. 1892, repr. as S.B.B. 36. L. 1981.

– Edited & transl. Mahāmaṅgala: Buddhaghosuppatti or the Historical Romance of the Rise and Career of Buddhaghosa. 6+75+36 p. L., P.T.S. 1892.

Also wrote on Burmese language and history.

Sources: Briefly mentioned by Kirk in Br. Biogr. Archives 1st Series; years of life in and; L.E. Bagshawe, A Literature of School Books. M.A. thesis, S.O.A.S., 105f. (online).

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