GRIERSON, Mrs. (née Lucy Elizabeth Sean Collins)

GRIERSON, Mrs. (née Lucy Elizabeth Sean Collins). 1854 — Camberley, Surrey 19.2.1943. British (Irish) Woman in India, wife of —> G. A. Grierson. Daughter of M. H. Collins, M.D., a famous surgeon in Dublin. Daughter of M. H. Collins, M.D. Married in 1880, lived 30 years in India with her husband, whom he probably helped in his scholarly work. No children.

Publications: “An English-Gipsy Index”, IA 15, 1886, 14-19, 49-57, 84-86, 113-116, 143-147, 178-180, 236-23?, 277f., 310f., 340-342; 16, 1887, 32-35, 69-73 (concluded).

Sources: Occasional notes in connection of her husband


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