GRIERSON, Mrs. (née Lucy Elizabeth Sean Collins)

GRIERSON, Mrs. (née Lucy Elizabeth Sean Collins). 1854 — Camberley, Surrey 19.2.1943. British (Irish) Woman in India, wife of —> G. A. Grierson. Daughter of Maurice Henry Fitzgerald Collins, M.D., a famous surgeon in Dublin. Married in 1880, lived 30 years in India with her husband, whom he probably helped in his scholarly work. No children.

Publications: “An English-Gipsy Index”, IA 15, 1886, 14-19 (14-16 introd. by G. A. Grierson), 49-57, 84-86, 113-116, 143-147, 178-180, 236-239, 277f., 310f., 340-342; 16, 1887, 32-35, 69-73 (concluded).

Sources: Only occasional notes in connection of her husband.

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