ANDREEV, Nikolaj Dmitrievič

ANDREEV, Nikolaj Dmitrievič. Petrograd 16.2.1920 — 15.11.1997. Russian IE Linguist. Son of a soldier, himself participated in war against Finland in 1939-40 and in WW II 1941-45. Graduated 1952 Leningrad. Kand. filol. nauk 1956 (diss. on Germanistics), dr. filol. nauk 1967 (diss. on general Lin­guistics). In 1952-54 worked in Lenin­grad public library, 1955-59 taught at Oriental Faculty, 1959-65 in laboratory for automatic translation. From 1965 naučnyj sotrudnik at Instituta jazykoznanija, Lenin­grad.

Publications: At least 140 items, Ranne-indoevropejsk. prajazyk. 328 p. Lg. 1986.

Sources: Miliband 1995; *Russian Vikipedija.

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