GROHMA, Otto. Vienna 4.3.1943 — Paris 4.9.1974. Austrian Indologist. After matriculation in 1962 in Vienna studied there Indology and classical archaeology. Ph.D. 1971 Vienna. From 1972 Assistant at Indological Institute in Vienna. Died suddenly during a visit to Paris, a habilitation dissertation on Vallabha’s Nyāyalīlāvatī remained unfinished.

Publications: Diss. Die Lehre vom avayavī in Nyāya und Vaiśeṣika vor Udayana. Manuscript of 248 p. Vienna 1971, a summary in WZKS 17, 1973, 198f.

– “Theorien zur bunten Farbe im älteren Nyāya und Vaiśeṣika bis Udayana”, WZKS 19, 1975, 147-182; reviews in WZKS.

Sources: G. Oberhammer, WZKS 19, 1975, 182.

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