ASBOE, Walter

ASBOE, Walter. Hopedale, Labrador 1895 — Dublin 1965. Rev. British (Canadian) Missionary. From 1921 (or 1925?) Moravian missionary in Kyelang (Lahul), then in Ladakh from 1939 to 1947, director of an industrial school in Leh. Minister in East Tytherton, Wiltshire from 1948-1952.

Publications: “Disposal of the Dead in Tibet”, Man 32, 1932, 66f.; “The Lahoulis of Western Tibet”, Man 36, 1936, 59f.; “The Scape-Goat in Western Tibet”, Ibid. 74f.; “Sacrifices in Western Tibet”, Ibid. 75f.; “Agricultural Methods in Lahoul, Western Tibet”, Man 37, 1937, 74-77; “Pottery in Ladakh, Western Tibet”, Man 46, 1946, 9f.; “Farmers and farming in Ladakh (Tibetan Kashmir)”, JRCentralAsSoc 34, 1947, 186-192.
– “Social Functions in Lahul, Kāngra District, Panjāb”, JRAnthrInst 63, 1933, 189-205.

– English transl. of J. Gergan’s collection: A thousand Tibetan proverbs and wise sayings. L. 1942, repr. 128 p. N.D. 1976.

Sources: Stray notes in Internet give scanty and partly conflicting information.

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