GROUSSET, René. Aubais, Gard 5.9.1885 — Paris 12.11(9?).1952. French Historian of Asia. After studies at Montpellier started Museum work. Lost his father before birth. Participated in the WW I and was seriously wounded. Assistant Conservator in Musée Guimet, from 1933 Director (Conservateur-en-chef) of Musée Cernuschi. During the war dismissed from his position by Vichy government, then from 1945 Conservateur-en-chef in Musée Guimet, until his death. In 1946 Member of Académie française.

RG was skilled and many-sided cultural historian, who was mainly interested in East Asia and the Mongols. In his great works he achieved grandiose syntheses, occasionally at the cost of details. His competence of Asian languages was defective, he was not able to use original sources independently.

Publications: Histoire de l’Asie. 1-4. P. 1922; Les civilisations de l’Orient. 1-4: 1-2. 192?, 3. Chine. 5+360 p. P. 1930; 4. L’Inde. 6+370 p. P. 1930.

Sur les traces du Bouddha. P. 1929, new ed. 264 p. P. 1991; English by M. Leon, In the footsteps of the Buddha. L. 1932; German by P. Fischer, Die Reise nach dem Westen oder wie Hsüan-tsang den Buddhismus nach China holte. 342 p. München 1994.

Histoire de la philosophie orientale. 1923; Les philosophies indiennes. 1-2. 18+344+416 p. P. 1931.

Histoire de l’Extrême Orient. 1-2. 1929; L’Asie orientale des origines au XVe siècle. 1941.

L’art de l’Extrême Orient. 1936; Les sculptures des Indes et de la Chine. 1939.

Histoire des croisades. 1-3. P. 1934-36; Histoire de l’Arménie des origines à 1071. 1947.

Empire des steppes: Attila, Gengis-Khan, Tamerlan. P. 1939, also in English tr.; L’empire mongol. 1941.

Histoire de la Chine. 1942; and lesser works.

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