GROWSE, Frederic Salmon

GROWSE, Frederic Salmon. 1837 — 19.5.1893. British Civil Servant and Indologist (Hindi Scholar) in India. Son of Robert Gr., educated at Oriel College and at Queen’s College, Oxford (M.A.). Joined the I.C.S. in 1860, served in the N.W.P., in Mathura and Bulandshahr. Retired in 1890. C.I.E. 1879. “He ardently defended the purity of the vernacular Hindi, as opposed to the official Hindustani.” He built a catholic church in Mathura. Also an archaeologist.

Publications: Articles on Chand Bardai, JASB 1868-73; “Mathurâ Inscriptions”, IA 6, 1877, 216-219; “On the sect of the Prannáthas”, JASB 48, 1879, 171-180.

Mathura: a district memoir. 1874, 3rd rev. ed. 434 p. Allahabad 1883; Bulandshahr, Or, Sketches of an Indian District; Social, Historical and Architectural. 1884.

English transl. of The Rámáyana of Tulsi Dás. 1883.

Sources: Buckland, Dictionary; JRAS 1893, 560-652.


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