GRUBE, Elimar

GRUBE, Elimar Max. Maxheim near Königsberg (now Maszewy in Poland) 31.12.1851 — Dresden 23.5.1891. German Student of Indology. Son of Julius Alexander Gr. and Emilie Schafer. School in Königsberg, in 1860 moved to Breslau and went to gymnasium there. In 1865 lost his father, himself often ill. From 1869 studied classical philology at Breslau, also Sanskrit under Stenzler. In 1871 moved to Tübingen, where he also started Semitic languages (Arabic, Ethiopian, Hebrew) and continued Sanskrit and Avesta under Roth. In 1872 returned to Breslau, where he fell ill, after recovering in 1874 to Berlin (Weber). Ph.D. 1875 Berlin. Afterwards he was living in Berlin and Dresden, but no details are available (in one list called private scholar in Dresden). His dissertation contained an introduction, critical text (p. 1-31) and Index verborum of the Suparṇādhyāya.

Publications: Diss. Suparṇâdhyâyaḥ. Suparṇi fabula. 26+55 p. B. 1875, text also publ. in Ind. St. 14, 1876, 1-31 (with Nachwort by Weber, 31-34).

Sources: Vita in diss.; parents in; death noted in Deutsches Geschlechtsbuch 61, 1928, 10.

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