GUIEYSSE, Georges. Paris 1.1.1869 — 17.5.1889. French Indologist. Son of Eugène G. (d. 1889), a physician, sister’s son to the engineer-Egyptologist Paul G. (1841–1914). Educated at Lycée Henri IV, then studies of Indology and IE under S. Lévi, Bréal, Bergaigne, de Saussure, and Darmesteter. One of the first students of Lévi, Licencié in 1889. In April 1889 he went to London to recover from the stress of examination and to collate inscriptions published in India for an “Index raisonné des noms propres dans les inscriptions de l’Inde”, which he intended to compile under the guidance of Barth and Senart. This preliminary list remained his only scholarly work as he died through suicide under the returning voyage. The planned travel to French Indo-China never realized.

Publications: “Notes d’épigraphie indienne”, JA 8:16, 1890, 379-401 (annotated list of inscriptions publ. in As. Res., Tr. of Lit. Soc. Madras 1, J. of Arch. Soc. Delhi 1850-53, and Trans. of Arch. Soc. Agra 1874-75; edited by S. Lévi).

Brief note of pāli ph- ~ skr. p- < *sp- (e.g. pharasu, skr. paraśu), BSL 6, 1888, 216f.

Assisted Marcel Schwob in “Étude sur l’argot français”, MSL 7, 1892, 33-56.

Sources: Lévi’s introduction to the above-mentioned article; Bréal, BSL 7, 1892, 46-50; Darmesteter, JA 8:16, 1890, 36; *M. Décimo, “Une petite famille de travailleurs autour de Georges Guieysse: le monde de la linguistique parisienne”, Cahiers Ferdinand de Saussure 52, 1999, 99-121; J.E. Joseph, Saussure. O.U.P. 2012, 354ff.

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